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Odds & Ends: mostly about Bluestockings

First of all, the monthly Radical Librarian Book Club at Bluestockings would normally be this weekend; it is being skipped this month, so the next meeting will be Sunday, May 19.  Which is probably for the best, as I haven’t gotten very far into the book, Shiraz Durrani’s Information and liberation.  It’s really good so far, though!

If you just really were looking forward to a trip to Bluestockings this weekend, may I suggest having coffee on Saturday around 12:30 or so?  NATA, this kind of ridiculous racist “anarchist” (by which we mean, not at all actually anarchists, fucking fascists) group, who got totally denied at the NYC Anarchist Book Fair the other weekend are having a hissy fit and and now planning to “protest” or something some stuff they don’t like in the city — like Bluestockings and ABC No Rio.  There will probably be about four of them, and they’ll probably talk really big and be mostly bluster.  Still, a cup of coffee and laughing at them from a cafe table sound like a nice way to spend Saturday afternoon.

And, here’s another librarianship quote of the day, from another library school friend.  “What’s wrong with this thing? I can’t get it to give me the finger.”  And, no, I have no idea what that’s about.



ETA: The cowardly nazis didn’t show up, so the tiniest librarian & I had a nice cup of coffee instead.  Which, while I was looking forward to punching a nazi, is probably for the best.  Might I recommend the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies?

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One comment on “Odds & Ends: mostly about Bluestockings

  1. TheLuddbrarian
    April 18, 2013

    If you are interested in more information on the above fascists I recommend reading this article: has consistently been posting about NATA, both in terms of the twisted fascist ideology that is being masqueraded as “anarchist” and more importantly on what is being done to prevent these fascists from taking root.

    No Pasaran!

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