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Bow-tie-wearing Russian librarian cat

Bow-tie-wearing Russian librarian cat.  You’re welcome. (link in post)

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Cat Pic

Dear readers, I leveled up in librarianship this weekend.  I got my first cat. I’m pleased to introduce Odin, so named for his single eye.  He and his two brothers … Continue reading

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Cat Pic

From a library school pal, who found it in the NOBLE Digital Heritage collection via Digital Commonwealth:

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Cats: Still Jerks, But Also Occasionally Useful

We all recall that link I posted the other day to those paw prints, yes? This morning a nice young man sent me a link to an entire blog post … Continue reading

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Cats Have Always Been Jerks

And we think they’re mean when they walk on our keyboards. h/t @grolby, who blogs about bicycles at À bloc.

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