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Plague Poems – The Nineteenth Week

When the plague first appeared
experts and commentators
projected possible deaths
the optimistic ones assumed
that deaths would be few
the pessimistic ones feared
that deaths would be many
but even among the pessimists
there were few who predicted
the death of their society.


Had they so desired
our leaders
could have invested the funds
for beating the virus
instead they chose
to invest those funds in batons
that will be used to beat us.


A society that shrugs
when one hundred
and forty thousand
have died
is a society that will shrug
when two hundred
and forty thousand
have died.


With nervousness
the plague observed
that federal forces
were being deployed
in multiple cities.

Yet the worry
did not last long
as the plague realize
the federal forces
were not being deployed
on its account.


Editorial Note: This is a collection of Plague Poems written between July 18, 2020 and July 24, 2020.

They were initially posted online on Twitter at @plaguepoems

Throughout the duration of this crisis new poems will be posted regularly at that Twitter account, they will then be collected and reposted here in weekly increments.


There are some
who fear
that the next relief bill
will not provide
sufficient relief.

There are some
who fear
that the next relief bill
will simply cost
far too much.

The plague watches
the bill’s negotiations
and feels
no fear at all.


Our leaders take pride
in their piety
from the Bible
they believe that much
can be learned
perhaps their affection
for the plague
stems from the book of Exodus
at least that would explain
their eagerness
to force schools to reenact
the death of the first born.


Having offered such a
fatally disappointing
initial response
to the plague
our leaders have given themselves
another opportunity
to fatally disappoint
their constituents.


Soaked and freezing
struggling to keep their heads
above the water
those who had fallen overboard
cried out to the nearby ship
for a lifeboat
for a life preserver
for a lifeline
for any assistance.

came the reply
as the ship sailed
directly over them.


In every age
there are some
who feel that the world
is ending.

Yes, but
our age
has plenty of evidence
to support
such a sentiment.

While it may seem
to you
as though
the relief negotiations
are not going well
just know that
the plague
thinks the negotiations
are progressing marvelously.


If our leaders believe
their constituents can
on one hundred dollars a week
they should lead by example
and cut their own salaries.


There are so many things
to fear
at the moment
yet that which
frightens me the most
is knowing that I
have lost
the ability to hope.


By the time
you finish
these words
the situation
will have become
even worse.


Our leaders fail to understand
that if people cannot afford
to stay home
they will have no choice left
but to take to the streets.


To lose your job
due to the plague
is tragic enough
without your leaders
demanding that you
suffer like Job
in penance for the sins
they have committed.


Upon seeing the headline
announcing that the plague
had infected
four million Americans
the pale horseman
shifted in his sacklcloth
and sighed
we passed that milestone
long ago.”


did I believe
that the dark times
were truly past
I always suspected
that I would live
to see them return.

How I wish that
I had been wrong.


I once took comfort
in my disappointment
when our leaders
to come to our defense.

To have your hopes
I recognized
was to still
have hope.

No longer
am I disappointed
by our leaders failure
to assist
I have learned
to hope for nothing
from them.


If you dared suggest
in March
that the plague
would carry off
one hundred and
fifty thousand
by the end of July
you were derided as
a doom-sayer.

If you now suggest
that the plague
will carry off
one hundred and
fifty thousand
by the end of July
you have simply
read the news.


If you would only
stop looking
over your shoulders
you would realize
that it is not that
the dark times
are behind you
but that
the dark times
are before you.



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“I do not believe that things will turn out well, but the idea that they might is of decisive importance.” – Max Horkheimer @libshipwreck

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