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Plague Poems – The Thirteenth Week

From history there is much
we must learn
for there is much
we have failed to learn.

Study the years of the past
let those events
leave their imprints
upon your heart and mind.

But even as you memorize
those long gone dates
you are not there then
you are here now.


The statues
can be
the scars


Cloistered in my quarantine
I grew accustomed
to the screech of sirens.

Where once the screeching
told of the sick
being rushed
to the hospital for salvation
the wailing now attests
to a revolt
against a sick society.


You may have
nervously watching
the plague
but it continues
to patiently
watch you.


Editorial Note: This is a collection of Plague Poems written between June 7, 2020 and June 12, 2020.

They were initially posted online on Twitter at @plaguepoems

Throughout the duration of this crisis new poems will be posted regularly at that Twitter account, they will then be collected and reposted here in weekly increments.


There were dark times before
there will be dark times again
you are responsible
for what you do
in the dark times
you have the misfortune
of experiencing.


The old world is not dying
it is already dead
yet it shuffles along
devouring those
who oppose it
in its zombified undeath.

check your limbs
it may have already
bitten you.


Your unceasing yawning
is understandable
no one can fault you for
the exhaustion you
presently feel
but do not succumb to
the temptations of slumber
you have already been asleep
for much too long.


How many more
were carried off
by the plague
on this day?

How many more
will be carried off
by the plague
on the morrow?

Whatever those
numbers may be
we prefer not
to know.


It is better to have
strange tan lines
caused by
wearing a mask
than to have a
perfectly tanned face
and the plague.


When the tried to
sound the alarm
they were called alarmists
and ignored
but had we only listened
we might not now
be in such an
alarming predicament.


Find the courage
to imagine
a better world
than this one.

You may never reach
that fabled land
but if you cannot
imagine it
you will not know
in which direction
to walk.


That the United States
is “post-coronavirus”
comes as a shock
to the pale horseman
as he rides off
with today’s retinue
of fresh victims.

Despite the claim
that the United States
is “post-coronavirus”
the pale horseman
will be back
to lead off fresh victims
tomorrow as well.


With eyes wide with horror
we watch the looming
second wave
but when we open our moths
to shout a desperate warning
the waters of the first wave
rush over our tongues and
drown out our cries.


Great efforts were
in order not to count
the plague’s spread
lest those horrid figures
attest to the failures of
our leaders
and even still that number
has now passed
two million
and even still that number
continues to increase.


The most imposing
of a monster
stands not on a pedestal
in a public park
but was installed
in your mind
by those who
praise monsters.

To topple that imposing
rope and hammer will
not suffice
you must study
you must study
until even the pedestal
is no more.


No plague lasts forever
a day will come
when the pale horseman
shall depart with his scyte
yes, that day shall come
but it has not come yet.


If you will not
wear a mask
during the first wave
you will need to
wear a life preserver
when the second wave
crashes over you.


According to our leader
the plague has been
so great is his certainty
that he invites you
to hear him declare victory
as a member of a cheering crowd.

You have nothing to fear
the plague is gone
but you must promise
not to seek redress
should you get infected.


It is not that
your mask wearing
your hand washing
your social distancing
were pointless
but that your leaders
squandered the opportunity
created by
your mask wearing
your hand washign
your social distancing.


The plague
will accept
our surrender
though it would
be unwise
to make it
such an offer.



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