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To-Do: The Activist’s Guide to Archiving Ephemera

Pirates! My colleague Amy & I are giving a workshop at the Interference Archive here in Brooklyn this weekend: “The Activist’s Guide to Archiving Ephemera.” From Interference’s website,

Do you have an overflowing box stuffed with flyers, posters, meeting minutes, and other things that you’ve collected as an activist? So do we! And we want you to know that those materials have historical importance!
This workshop will present an overview of best practices for how to best arrange and preserve your ephemera for long- term stewardship and possible future use.

Oh boy, do I ever have an overflowing box of stuff from the political going-on of the last few years! If you do, too, come let us tell you how to take care of it. The historical record is built on such things, and if we want our stories told accurately, we need to make sure our archival collections persist.

Sunday, November 9
Interference Archive
131 8th Street, #4, Brooklyn
Free. Please RSVP to


And if you are interested in video archiving, Interference has a workshop by Yvonne Ng, Rachel Mattson, and Marie Lascu on Thursady, Nov. 6.

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