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Things You Should Sign Up For/CfP

The NYC Archives Unconference will be at Barnard on September 6, and you should definitely be part of that! Register or propose a session here. ESPECIALLY BECAUSE IT IS FREE. And accessible. And there will be food. There’s no childcare, but you can bring your kids with you.

If you are in South America, or travel is your bag, there’s the Arquivos pessoais e cultura: uma abordagem interdisciplinar/Personal Archives and Culture – An Interdisciplinary Approach conference at Fundação Casa de Rui Barbosa in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from November 11 to 13. Portuguese/English translation available. Proposals are due July 10.

Northeast Modern Language Association’s annual thing, in Toronto next spring, will include the panel “Human Rights Narratives in a Globalized Latin America”; from the Latin American & Caribbean Archives RT list, “This panel will examine the relation of narratives of human rights in an increasingly globalized Latin America. How are human rights conceptualized when globalization’s tendency to obscure and/or dissolve borders is considered? How do the narratives, for example fiction/testimonial/poetry/social dissent, support the citizens whose lives are governed by globalization? On the other hand, how might globalization open a space for human rights advocacy? Please submit 200 word abstracts in English or Spanish. Contact Diana Aldrete at ”

CFP: African American Leadership: A Concise Reference Guide. “We are inviting academic editorial contributors to African American Leadership: A Concise Reference Guide to be published by Mission Bell Media ( Despite centuries of discrimination, the African American community in the United States has enjoyed a strong tradition of leadership dating back to the Colonial period, when in 1770 Crispus Attucks became the first American killed in the Boston Massacre. Some African American leaders, such as Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr., are familiar to almost everyone, while others, have achieved important goals while working out of the spotlight…”

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