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The Lucy Parsons Library – Opens Tonight!

Question: What’s even better than a great community space? Answer: a great community space with a library!

And tonight (March 1, 2014) The Base (in Brooklyn) will be celebrating the grand opening of The Lucy Parsons Library (named after the radical Lucy Parsons), who once remarked:

“Anarchism has but one infallible, unchangeable motto, ‘Freedom.’ Freedom to discover any truth, freedom to develop, to live naturally and fully.”

The event begins at 7!

More about The Base (from their website):

“The Base is a sociopolitical space in Bushwick, Brooklyn, committed to the dissemination of revolutionary left and anarchist ideas and organizing. The mission of the space is to spread ideas and practices to the broader populace and provide a place where individuals can learn, grow, and organize outside of traditional activist and educational institutions. We will provide a foundation for fostering the ideas and theory of people who have either a preliminary background in political thought, or who have not grappled with political theory at any level. Furthermore, we will establish a framework where creative modes of sharing will be encouraged, with the goal of spreading these modes beyond the confines of the space itself. We intend to establish a sociopolitical model in New York City where participants can create projects that are expansive and creative. Lastly, this will be a place where people can grapple with, organize, and find solutions to issues that affect their living situation in a constructive environment.”

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