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Welcome home, Migs!

Moments ago friend of the LibrarianShipwreck, Rachel Allshiny, picked up Migs (of the NATO 5) from prison.  After having 30 days good time restored, he’s been released earlier than expected, which is awesome & great & all the good things, especially considering the months he’s spent in solitary.

The surprise! early release also means his support team has had to scramble a little bit, so check under your couch cushions & donate to his release fund if you can.



[ETA: Press release from the Uptown People’s Law Center.]


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One comment on “Welcome home, Migs!

  1. BrantleyNewton
    December 12, 2013

    This wasn’t a story I had ever heard anything about. Did it crack the national news at any point? I know the 24-hour news donut tends to exhaust people with stories before dropping them and moving on without any continued coverage or analysis.

    I’m definitely going to do more research on these guys. It’s a shame what was done to them.

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