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Call for Proposals

The Luddbrarian sends me things.  Yesterday it was a call for proposals.  He’s probably bogged down somewhere under a pile of books and cat hair, so I will take the liberty of sharing it with you all.

From the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU:

Radical Archives is a two-day conference (Friday, April 11-Saturday, April 12, 2014) organized around the notion of archiving as a radical practice. An international contingent of archivists, artists, artist-archivists, activist archivists, theorists, and scholars working within a range of archives and archival practices will be invited to present and discuss archives of radical politics and practices; archives that are radical/experimental in form or function; how archiving in itself might be a radical act in certain moments or contexts; and how archives can be active in the present, as well as documents of the past or scripts for the future. We are calling for contributions relevant to the four themes of the conference: Archive and Affect; Archiving Around Absence; Archives and Ethics; and Archive as Constellation. Proposed formats could include panels, roundtables, individual paper or artist talks, performances or performance-lectures, screenings, interactive screen-based projects or live participatory projects.

Proposals are due Friday, January 10, 2014. 

Please download the full call for proposals for details.

Cue The Luddbrarian & I, and a couple of our colleagues, all sighing in unison; despite our professional drift, you’ll recall that he & I both trained as archivists, so there’s no way we can in good conscious not do a thing for it. See you there, I guess.


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