"More than machinery, we need humanity."

A Brief Halt in Production


Due to some rather questionable life decisions (known as school [and having returned to it]) I am rather occupied at the moment writing for purposes other than “shaking my fist at the world.” This is not to say that I have concluded that all is well with the world — far from it — it is merely meant as a polite notice to you (dear reader) that the shipwreck has not stopped…it is just being held in stasis briefly. I’ll be back to rant and rave soon!

With sincerest apologies,

Zachary, The Luddbrarian

About Z.M.L

“I do not believe that things will turn out well, but the idea that they might is of decisive importance.” – Max Horkheimer @libshipwreck

One comment on “A Brief Halt in Production

  1. oneofthelibrarians
    December 3, 2013

    And I, dear readers, have even less of an excuse! Just life, you know?

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