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Tonight (10/24)

Quickly, friends, in case you aren’t doing anything else in NYC this evening — Librarians & Archivists to Palestine are giving their report back on the trip they took this summer at 7pm at Bluestockings:

From June 23 – July 4 2013, a group of international librarians and archivists traveled to Palestine to connect with colleagues in libraries, archives, and related projects. The delegation explored issues of access to information under occupation and colonialism in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and 1948 Palestine (Israel). The delegation bore witness to the destruction, theft and appropriation of books and historical documents, and was inspired by the many projects, institutions, and individuals engaged in daily resistance to settler-colonialism. Several delegates will discuss their experiences, share some of the projects that were visited, and provide an overview of the delegation’s next steps. The group includes 16 librarians and archivists from the United States, Canada, Sweden and Palestine who work in a variety of institutions and settings, including public and academic libraries, community archives, non-profits, and as independent scholars.

Super interested to hear what they have to say!

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