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Three quick things, friends.

First, our pals at Urban Librarians Unite are getting bigger and better by the second.  (Congrats to the new west coast chapter, ULU Bay Area!)  Which means they could use some funds.  From their website:

With rent, office space, transportation costs, and legal fees our tiny little org now has overhead. We have been very fortunate to get some grants this year but we still rely heavily on the generous support of individuals and institutions. We are a 501c3 so all donations to Urban Librarians Unite are tax deductible. We are still an entirely voluntary organization with no paid staff. Every dollar you donate goes to helping us do the work that we do to help libraries.

If you’ve got some dollars laying around, consider tossing them ULU’s way.

Second, for the New Yorkers, NYC Anarchist Black Cross is hosting a prisoner letter writing meet up tonight, Tuesday, August 6, at 7pm, with focus on our buddy Jason Hammond, who is still in Cook County Jail.  (Background here.)

Third, Mutant Legal is hosting a panel discussion, “Nothing to hide, so much to lose: Understanding the NSA Leaks,” at 6:30 pm on August 22 at Judson Memorial Church, here in NYC.




ETA:  Also!  And this is important!  Our buddies at OpPenPal tell us that Migs, of the NATO5, is in solitary confinement at the moment, and has been for nearly a month.  There’s two things you can do to help.  Call or write S. A. Godinez, Director of the Illinois Department of Corrections and Pat Quinn, Governor of Illinois.  Details on doing so at the OpPenPal website.  And you can write to Migs:

Mark Neiweem M36200
Pontiac Correctional Center
PO Box 99
Pontiac, IL 61764


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