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From the Reference Desk: Resources

Got a sex question & don’t want to ask at the reference desk of your neighborhood library?  Send it to SEXTAdvice by texting 413-627-sext (7398). You’ll get a text back answering your question & it’ll also get posted to the website.  Right now my pal Parks is filling in while the usual advisor is otherwise occupied.

It’s summertime, which means that the veggie gardens are over-producing (my mom: “I have alot of cukes. Started bringing them to neighbors.”) and the CSA shares are giving us things we’ve never seen before.  In my mother’s kitchen, at times like these we’d turn to the cookbook Too many tomatoes, by Lois Landau & Laura Myers.  I recently got my own copy, and thank goodness, because I’m up to my neck in napa cabbage and summer squash.

Land of Maps.  LAND OF MAPS!

In seeking info about a Rosa Luxemburg quote last week, a commenter directed me to the Marxist Internet Archive.  They’ve got everything over there!  In lots of languages!  It’s pretty amazing.  Pretty much every writer you can think of — and plenty you’ve probably never heard of — are included, and there are timelines, groupings by school of thought and subject, a glossary, and lots of stuff I couldn’t even get around to looking into because there’s just SO MUCH of it.  And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, as was the case with my question, you can ask the volunteers who run the site; my experience leads me to believe they are quite prompt and helpful.

Need a guide to the dapper currents of masculine fashion?  Here you go!  To all the butches out there, you’re welcome. (But my favorite bow tie tying guide is here.)

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