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Ahoy!  One of your captains (me) has been overwhelmed by the universe lately, and so not posting much. Sorry!  Let me make it up to you with links to sundry resources I’ve come across lately.  Some of which, I promise, might actually be useful.

Previously, I linked to a database of swimming holes in the US, because summer.  It’s still summer, so here’s a database of Pick-Your-Own farms in the US and elsewhere.  Strawberry season is almost over in my part of the world, so let’s get to it!  The website also has instructions for canning and freezing.  I tried their pickled beets recipe yesterday.  I haven’t tasted them yet, but it seemed to work.

Here’s my favorite tutorial on tying the Somerville Bowline!

Do you need a 17th century ladies’ sex manual?  Of course you do.

I’m not sure what one might do with this, but you all need to know it exists.

In case you were wondering what time it is, here’s what the US government has to say.

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