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Book club!

Hey, y’all.  I bet, after my last post on the subject that some of you really wanted to write to Jerry (or Jeremy, or some other prisoners), but didn’t know what to say.  After all, you don’t know these folks.  And the writing suggestions seem a little trite, maybe.  Well!  Problem solved!

The Support Jerry Committee is proud to announce that we are participating in a program that Combustion Books will be launching called Inside/Out.

Inside/Out is effectively an anarchist prisoner book club. The idea is to give people on the outside a way to actively and consistently correspond with anarchist prisoners.

There are now three books for sale in our store. Jerry picked these specific books before he was incarcerated. He has read all of them, and will be receiving them, courtesy of Combustion Books, for free.

Inside/Out is very simple: buy one–or all–of the books (or get it from the library) and read it, and then write to Jerry about it.

Letter writing is a great way to support prisoners, but this program in particular provides a way for people to really connect with anarchists that are locked up. This also helps circumvent the “What do I write?” problem. Jerry is an avid reader, and loves talking about philosophy and literature. He’ll be looking forward to our letters about these books. This is also a great way to begin a long-term correspondence with Jerry.

Shipping is free, and all proceeds from the books will go towards Jerry’s support fund.

Neat, huh?  Combustion Books is pretty awesome, and they run inside/out for lots of prisoners, not just Jerry.  (And I hear that my pal Rachel Allshiny in Chicago is thinking about starting up a prisoner book club, too, so keep an eye out.)  So, dear friends, get reading and then get writing.

Note — Jerry has been transferred to MCC in Manhattan.  His new address is:

Gerald Koch #68631-054
MCC New York
Metropolitan Correctional Center
150 Park Row
New York, NY 10007

And there will be a noise demo for him outside MCC tomorrow, Friday, June 7, at 8pm.

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