"More than machinery, we need humanity."

Books everywhere.

Weekend before last I went up to Queens (for those not from NYC, that’s a long and arduous journey for a Brooklyner like me) to help Urban Librarians Unite sort through books for stocking their Volunteer Library Brigade carts.  As a People’s Librarian, my book slinging skills are legendary, but it’s been a while since I’ve just sat in the midst of a booksplosion and sorted to my heart’s content with my fellow librarians.

We got a lot of work done!  I won’t bother you all with the details.  Instead, here are some pictures that’ll give you an idea about what kinds of activities your radical librarians consider weekend fun.


And this was after we’d made some progress.





The mighty leader of ULU, Christian, surveys his domain.



I’m told this is a giant bookworm puppet.

I also have another picture set to post, if someone will remind me — the greatest hits of things we weeded from the collection.

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Respectable mid-career librarian by day, dirty street librarian by night & other days.

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