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Can’t Get There From Here

I always get a kick out of looking through our blog stats and seeing what search terms bring people here to the Shipwreck.  Some of them are pretty good — lately we’ve had a lot of people looking for book reviews of The Riot Grrrl Collection or Present Shock or trying to find out what Neil Postman’s six questions are.  But there are always a few searches that end up here while obviously trying to get something else.  Sometimes there are excellent typos.  And sometimes I’m not exactly sure what the searchers were looking for.  Here’s a recent selection:

“calgary public library homepage costs and how much books can borrow!!”  Someone in Calgary is really excited about the library!  Too bad we can’t help them.  For future reference, the Calgary Public Library website is here.

All you folks looking for “quote of the day for kids” and similar, sorry, you won’t find any at the Shipwreck.

“states don’t like google galss”  It’s pretty obvious that this was a search for Google Glass, but I can only think about hottt Google galsss, like someone out there is searching for a date (try OKCupid).  Or maybe porn (try Tumblr).

“frustrated library patron” Yeah, well, frustrated librarians, too.

“study space libraries” I want to study space libraries!  Libraries in space!

“are we hiding being technology” No, the singularity has not yet arrived.  As far as I know.

Lots of folks type “omics” instead of “comics,” it seems.

“do you get free books at book expo america”  Yes.

“librarians defend ehat bookscare you reading”  What?  Is that supposed to be “books care” or “book scare?”

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