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Exciting Things Happening Wednesday 5/29

Ok, bookish friends, everything ever is all happening tomorrow.  I’ve mentioned these all before, but this is my blog (partially), so I can repeat myself.

First up is the beginning of BookExpo America, which runs through Saturday.  The Luddbrarian and I, along with Norman Siegel, lawyer for the Occupy Wall Street People’s Library, will be speaking about the Library’s settlement with the city, updating the talk we gave at NYLA’s annual conference last November.  We’re on at 3pm, as part of New York Library Association’s NYLA@BEA day of professional development.

In the evening there are two exciting events.  At 6:30 there’s a book launch party for The Riot Grrrl Collection, which I reviewed some time ago, at The Fales Library at NYU.

At 7 there’s more BEA fabulousness, as Housing Work Bookstore hosts the Bookrageous BEA Bash.  Lucky for you all Fales and Housing Works are only  a ten minute walk apart!


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