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Friends of the Librarian-Shipwreck


Ahoy!  I spent the weekend in the lovely state of New Jersey, nerding it up at Wicked Faire (where I picked up a pair of TARDIS-blue-colored book earrings!) with various parts of my beloved community.

Among them was a long-time friend who was also a library schoolmate.  She’s an all-around fabulous person, a great performer, and a librarian blogger.  You can read her at Libromancer’s Apprentice.

I also met Curt Herr.  He is a professor of literature, and publishes critical editions of otherwise-out-of-print and terribly obscure Gothic and Victorian pulp novels.  As a hopeless academic and a mad lover of old oddities, it was like finding out that one of your dream jobs actually exists.

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Respectable mid-career librarian by day, dirty street librarian by night & other days.

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