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Make Your Library the Protest

It is an exciting time to be a librarian. No, really. Whether it is a result of potentially positive changes or due to worrisome occurrences (budget cuts) libraries (and by … Continue reading

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Librarian is Still My Occupation – Another Epilogue

When most people think of the People’s Library (from Occupy Wall Street) the image they conjure up is of the library in its heyday: those two months in the Fall … Continue reading

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Librarian Is My Occupation: A History of the People’s Library of Occupy Wall Street

As we’ve mentioned several times (sorry [not really]), your dear co-captains wrote a chapter in the recently-released book Informed agitation : library and information skills in social movements and beyond, … Continue reading

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The Heartbreak of Heartbleed

Periodically when a person uses a computer one may receive notifications that contain phrases such as “do you trust this connection” or “do you trust this site.” While it is … Continue reading

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Welcome home, weev!

Internets! Great news! Whatever you think of weev (Andrew Auernheimer, @rabite), hold your tongues for just a couple minutes and instead welcome him home from prison. That’s right, he was … Continue reading

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Books – Tools for Conviviality

Libraries are about much more than books. Granted, there are caveats to such a declaration. After all, there are rare book libraries, manuscript collections, and many types of libraries that … Continue reading

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Introducing the Tiebrary

Hey, pirates, did you know you will shortly be able to borrow a tie from the library? You heard that right! From friend of the Shipwreck Lauren, of Urban Librarians … Continue reading

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Money for censorship: CIPA, federal funding, and content blockers

In honor of EFF’s 404 Day, a day of action against internet censorship in libraries, a discussion about content filtering is in order. Libraries applying for and accepting certain kinds … Continue reading

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It’s a Censorshipwreck!

Those who work in the library field, and those who love libraries, have become rather accustomed to hearing a certain droning argument about the impending obsolescence of libraries. Whether it … Continue reading

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You’re Caught in the Net! – A review of Julia Angwin’s “Dragnet Nation”

A few decades ago if somebody told you “you’re being watched!” You might have dismissed them as paranoid, mildly unhinged, or perhaps you would have entertained the possibility that you … Continue reading

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Tonight: Informed Agitation at Bluestockings

Tonight your dear co-captains, along with some of our brilliant friends and colleagues, will be at Bluestockings to speak about Informed agitation. We hope you will all come see us! … Continue reading

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And Now for Something Completely Similar…

It seems that hardly a week goes by that does not involve some smiling executive standing before the cameras proudly unveiling their company’s latest device, gizmo, doodad, operating system, or … Continue reading

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We Apologize, We Will Change – An open letter from the NSA

[For Immediate Release – an open letter from the Assistant Director of the National Security Agency] To my fellow citizens, We are sorry. Let me repeat that to make my … Continue reading

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Poster News

  Careful readers of the Vintage Poster Blog [Shipwreckers, see link at bottom] might recall a post I wrote about Assam Attia and his NYPD satire posters over year ago. … Continue reading

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A Virtual Reality or A Virtuous Reality? – Facebook buys Oculus

The future of technology is right in front of your face! No, really, that’s where it’s going to be: in front of your face. Or, to be slightly more accurate, … Continue reading

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To Do List [updated]

Friends of the Shipwreck John & Molly Knefel are having the monthly Radio Dispatch Live! at Le Poisson Rouge on Wednesday, March 26 at 8pm. This month their guests are … Continue reading

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Trading One Myth for Another – Seeing through Google’s Glass

A compelling argument could be made that myths have played, and continue to play, an important role in human societies. Granted, these myths appear in as many shapes and bizarre … Continue reading

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Who Watches the Watch Wearers?

People have no lack of options when it comes to smartphones and tablets. Indeed, it may well be the case that a point has been reached at which there are … Continue reading

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Riddled With Questions: Interrogating Your Technology

Technology poses many questions. This inquisition occurs at multiple levels, there are the questions that it clearly asks of us: name, password, birthday, credit card number, address, where your friends … Continue reading

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Oh, What the Zuck!?

It appears that Facebook has a fierce new competitor! While Facebook has become skilled in squishing startups, they are as yet unsure as to how to deal with this menacing … Continue reading

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This “Open Future” is Brought to You By…

Freedom is a wonderful concept. When people hear it invoked their minds and hearts  swell with the positive connotations they associate with that profound, but not profane, F word. It … Continue reading

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World’s Oldest Procession

Short notice, bookish types, but if you’re not doing anything this evening & are within shouting distance of Brooklyn, you should definitely join friend of the Shipwreck Melissa Gira Grant … Continue reading

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Fighting Fire with Arsonists

As the sun set on March 7th a diffuse band of marathoners began an arduous trek: the “National Day of Unplugging.” From sundown on the 7th to sundown on the … Continue reading

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Urban Librarians Conference – 2014

Last year the Urban Libraries Conference was an excellent event and this year…they’re doing it again. There’s still time to register for the “earlybird” price, which even includes breakfast. The … Continue reading

March 9, 2014 · 1 Comment

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! No…It’s a Facebook Drone.

The history of philanthropy is replete with tales of the very rich spending some of their money to secure a positive legacy, which is a less polite way of saying … Continue reading

March 7, 2014 · 2 Comments

Human Rights and Technological Wrongs

When engaging in a contemporary conversation about human rights it is inevitable that the matter of technology will be brought up. The interesting thing is not that this issue arises, … Continue reading

March 4, 2014 · 6 Comments

The Lucy Parsons Library – Opens Tonight!

Question: What’s even better than a great community space? Answer: a great community space with a library! And tonight (March 1, 2014) The Base (in Brooklyn) will be celebrating the … Continue reading

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And the Bandwidth Plays On…Reconfiguring the Internet on the Titanic

Almost all historians agree on the following fact: Internet access on the Titanic was terrible. Really, it was just horrible. It was nearly impossible to get a wireless signal, the … Continue reading

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Does Your Phone Care About Privacy? Behold: The Blackphone

One way to know with relative certainty that contemporary society is taking a problem seriously is when a market solution, a personal consumptive choice, appears to assuage the mounting concerns. … Continue reading

February 24, 2014 · 4 Comments

Consolidating the “Open” World – Facebook buys WhatsApp

Though Valentine’s Day sales might lead one to believe otherwise, it’s rather foolish to put a price on love. That is, unless you are a massive corporation, in which case … Continue reading

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